Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Musing :: Style : Whats In My Purse?!

First off I'd really like to thank everyone for weighing in on my post What Does Rape Look Like. It's a concept that really bothers me and writing it only served to remind me that something really just need to be talked about until they are impossible to ignore or misunderstood and instead are fixed.

I thought i'd go on with a much lighter post today

Now get it straight, there is my bag which holds everything, my purse (daily must have essentials ) and then my wallet for money and the like. I have no idea if i am using those words correctly or if i have modified their meanings to suit my own ends. Never the less, I thought i'd start with my 'purse' because i consider it the essencial.

From top left to right:

1. Mini bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Sunblock (it says 60 but i actually refilled it with 70) SUPER SUPER handy sized to keep with me all the time! What with albinism and all this is my life blood.

2. Mini flashlight

3. Opener - recently acquired cause i don't like buying a drink and having no way to open it or having to go around asking someone

4. Random Lipgloss - don't think i only have one, only had one IN my purse i am a certifyed lipgloss goo horder like most chicks. You know, tones of em with you like you're going to use all of them at once which you're not but you carry them all anyway?

5. Just For Readheads GingerGold Brow Stick  - i have no reason to carry this around, not like i would apply it when I'm out. I have no other reason to keep it in my purse except that if i don't keep it in this place, i will lose it because it is small and i am awkward with these things.

6. 'Avon Far Away' Travel Sized Perfume

7. Just For Readheads Ginger Cocoa Mascara  - So far its the lightest colour for blondes i can find, (any suggestions???) This is another item i don't have to carry but i do as a testament to my commitment to learn to use it.

Me without Mascara:
Me with:

This was quite the learning experience honestly, i was so surprised. When they're all stuffed into that purse they look so crammed and unorganized but laying them out like this for a photo, gave me a chance to stand back and assess the situation. Why am i carrying each of these items? Why do i need them? Do i? What do they add to my life? Then i began to think about those questions in relation to life on a whole and many of the things and people in it.

Pretty heavy thoughts for accessing your make up bag hu? What do you think of me with mascara, is their a difference worth perusing?

Peace. Love. De-clutter!

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  1. My bag is a mess...this has reminded me to organise it! I have all kinds of stuff in my bag, I always have to have a toy in their for my youngest for when we're out. Kids get bored so quickly. You look great with or with out mascara!! Hope you have a lovely day x

    La Femme Nouvelle


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