Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Birthday Wishlist 2014

It's April! Aries Season. As of today my birthday is eactly two weeks away. Which got me to thinking about creating a birthday wishlist again. Honestly, it was very hard to do this year. I'm realising that as you grow up the things you desire, the things you yurn for change....or perhaps....evolve?  When i started thinking all i could come up with was:
  • A Long Time With the People I Love the Most
  • Courage
  • Clearity
  • Progress
  • Peace of Mind
It took me some time to actually come up with some material suggestions and even then, i found that i only really wanted three of them, the next two are a bit pricey so i feel guilty even entertaining the thought...and it's just a wishlist! haha crazy how uncomfortable money can make us, even hypeathetically. In the hopes that you enjoyed my nontangible wishlist above, take a look at my tangible wishlist below:

// 1. Came To Dance Tank  - love tanks, rececntly digging graphic tees, this message is all too true. // 2.Sterling Silver Initial Necklace - Simple but pretty, and silver! I love silver... // 3. MAC Archie Lipstick Collection in Daddy’s Little Girl, Boyfriend Stealer,  Ronnie Red, Girl Next Door, Betty Bright - i don't want all of them just these select colours// 4. Julip Nailpolish Set - wanted this since i saw it on the Opera Whinfrey show years ago // 5.Hello Sweetie Doctor Who Tee - a cutesey spin on my favorite female Doctor Who character and he signiture saying, love it! //

Hopefully after some saving and graduation in the next two years, i can afford the priceyer ones on this list :) Till then a girl can dream...and wish ;)

Do you find that the things you want out of life are changing?

Peace. Love. Birthdays.

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    1. I like your pretty birthday wishlist:) Hope you will get all what you want:) Maybe your birthday was two weeks ago, anyway I want to congratulate you) Wish you all the best! Thank You for sharing such a nice post))
      Wish you a blessed day ahead!


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