Thursday, 1 December 2011

Getting To Zero


Today is world AIDS day

Fairly recently someone i love dearly has been seriously affected by this incurable disease...

I've always known a lot about it, even participated in an essay completion when i was about 16 or so, talking about the stigma and discrimination associated with the disease.

Let me tell you, it's a whole new story when it hits home.

I thought of my friend randomly today...i was walking through the streets and thought i saw someone of their height and style and my heart leaped with joy! Then i realized there was no way that could be my friend...and my heart hurt, not because it wasn't my friend but because one day, when it could be my friend won't be on this earth anymore...because my friend will be exiting this earth earlier than my friend should have to...

Getting to zero means zero cases and zero stigma and discrimination; a world worth fighting for yes?

View the quilt patch i created in honor of my friend and added to 2015 culture of a cure (i think it is called) project!

Join the culture of a cure.

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