Friday, 2 December 2011

The diggeriedoo and cross cultural awesomeness at Jazz and Poetry Night


What a fine treat we had at Jazz & Poetry in November! I know this is posted late but i was waiting for some footage (that i never received) Regardless! The show must go on i suppose.

We had these lovely group of people come in, from The States, Scotland, Australia and my memory fails me where else but it was a beautiful world wind mix! They came together on stage so well!


I especially enjoyed this young chap who brought a really nice kind of rock and role feel to the evening! :D


This is Caroline, She plays the didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument traditionally made from the trunk of termite hollowed eucalyptus trees from Australia  They average about 4 feet in length, and are played by vibrating your lips into the top end of the instrument which creates a deep humming drone.

It is famous for being played by the Amerindians of Australia but LISTEN TO THIS! Caroline (the woman you see playing it) Says she MADE that one! with the part from a tree found on one of OUR islands, how cool is that I think it was called the Agave tree? I'm not very sure sorry :(

A #FromWhereIStand shot (what i see as i stood in place up and down on my way to Jazz and Poetry Night) Isn't the moon pretty?

Enjoy what you can while you can!

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