Thursday, 15 January 2015

7 Things I'm Grateful for in the first 2 week of 2015

Don't worry it's not blank this photo was taken before I filled the pages haha

Cooking the main course of New Years day lunch : I love baking but hate cooking so while this was really an annoying thing to do it came out great and I felt well good about that. It was also a good maternal bonding activity for the women of my family.

Cold sheets and gentle rains : Right after new year's day here it usually starts raining consistently, this means harsh breezes, puddles that soak work pants and a such a chill that makes you hop when your bare feet touch tile. However it also means waking up to rain and going to sleep with rain. It means waking up so very snuggled and knowing that this too is for a time, that sooner or later the nights maybe be so uncomfortably hot that this too is a gift.

Easing back into work : I always miss the kiddies! I swear they all grew leaps and bounds in three weeks, what is up with that?! Also, since school hasn't started yet I'm well on top of all paper work and planning and feeling like a good teacher again instead of a teacher divided,

Using my planner : It been so many years since I had a planner I seem to have forgotten how to do it! Learning again is fun.

A sense of awareness : I am ever aware of my word so far, all through out my days when I meet face to face with a challenge that concerns it i find myself being aware and that makes me glad because being aware is the first step to solving the problem. 'If you resist him he will flee from you' right? There are so many things I am noticing and working on steadily...onwards.

A job to go back to : This first week I met up with my co-workers again after break and we sat together and did some planning, planned to do more planning, celebrated old solutions and brainstormed new problems. While it is not always easy (as the nature of work rarely is) it I feel fortunate in this economy to have a stable income in a field i am passionate about.

Saying Bye Felicia to negative thoughts : Sometimes I get a lot of those but I have been good at catching them on their way in lately and turning them around and guiding them swiftly and with an unwelcomed manner out te door.

So, how are those 2015 goals, resolutions or intentions going half a month in?

Peace. Love. Perseverance.


  1. Love your post; its so important to take the time to a) be grateful and b) for reflection

  2. I'm a baker as well .. so this year, I want to do more cooking, less baking. I need to get back to a whole foods lifestyle - no more box food items.


  3. Absolutely! Reflection has been quite a healthy source of self help for me lately :)

  4. Can't wait to read all about it! :) Is it bad that i hope you share a recipe with pears? haha

  5. LoL, you know the only thing that I do with pears is to throw a ripe one into a green smoothie :-)



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