Thursday, 21 July 2016

Throw Back Thursday That Time I had The Learners Nastalgia

I've had school on my mind so much lately. I've decided to write about what's on my mind. This is another old post which, unless you've been with me a long time you would have never seen.


PhotobucketSo I'm an English student. I love
learning and I love studying.
Or at least I think I do half the time... You see it's...something being a student and a worker all at once.

Regardless, I love saying the long title of my degree Eng&Lit with Edu.

It reminds me how much I've wanted it all my life and now here I am fighting to get it done. Only second semester and i'm already fighting,
to stay motivated, to find the time to get it done due to extra ordinary circumstances...

Yet it never stops amazing me, that no matter how difficult and depressing it gets.. when I have time on my hands I don't know what to DO with myself outside of school work!

I've had it take up so much of my days, so much of my time that when that time is presented to me again like 'here, have at it' I almost find myself feeling guilty.

Photobucket Of course there are things to fill my time!

I've got a book to finish reading and poetry to edit and compile for my own anthologies...and lets not even think about the novels that need editing and finishing...oi vey!

Yet, there is that strange sense of 'incomplete' when there isn't an assignment to even THINK about.

it's hard, it's tedious it steels my creative soul but i... love school and i wish ultimately that i could focus my attentions only on it until i'm through...

It's like walking a long road knowing that no matter how tired you are, no matter how much your feet hurt, no matter how long it seems like it's going to take ..

You'd rather be walking to your destination than dreaming about it.


Oh how things have changed since then! Picture taken from the site when i played around with the idea of making my own school tee.

 Peace. Love. Keep Calm and Just Graduate
Originally posted08/05/12

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