Thursday, 14 July 2016

My Secondary School Experiance

I've heard so many people talk about just how horrible their secondary school life was and I honestly marvel. I feel so blessed to have gone to the school that I did. At the time I went their they were not a school one was expected to be proud of exactly. You see, they had a harsh history and were often looked down upon.

Within our walls however we had teachers that cared about us as people, not just as students. Who treated us like we could be great. Who knows, maybe everybody has this feeling about their school.

I never worried about bulling. Our class was always on the positive side of things. We were a little family who go annoyed when you didn't come to school because they missed you and would have just stayed home too. There was the girl who brought breakfast and shared it with everyone, there was the one who did your hair, there was the one who was good at this subject or that one.

It was a great time.

I always knew I would write, I knew as well I would need to have a back up because that probably wouldn't rake in the mullah too quickly. Academics didn't come easily but I did learn to narrow things down so that they were in line with my vision.

My teachers taught me how to be a good person. They told me what I would need to show that I was skilled. They pointed me in that direction and I went for it.

Peace. Love. Go for it.

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