Friday, 19 July 2013

Post Finals Beach Excursion ☼

Well Summer semester of my degree pursuits are over and as hoped i promptly found myself upon the beach!


How was exam season? Ugh! I'm just going to do what i always do; not worry and wait for results :P The guy pictured is one of my best guy pals, feel so blessed we have a relationship unaffected by gender difference, it's rare and i'm grateful :D We both finished our final exam and decided BEACH! Later on i had a Mudslide at The Owl, twas good and rather tasty. Best tasting one I've had i believe, second best looking one I've ever had. Though the garnish of watermelon (summer fruit!) was so very extra tasty as it was good looking. I am very much looking forward to being able to do whatever i want :)

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Peace. Love. BEACH!!!


  1. Lovely pics! I am just looking forward to warm days and clear skies :-)

    Congrats on finishing your exams!


  2. That's really great if you have such possibility to spend your spare time at the beach! The view is gorgeous, those waves look strong but beautiful! I adore watermelons, it's the most tasty summer fruit I know:)
    have a fabulous time, dear!


  3. Yay, for finishing finals! Mine is tomorrow, but my next class starts the week after. Those beaches look gorgeous. I'm curious about your home. You should share it more! -Jess L


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