Friday, 26 September 2014

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This time last year not only did I know little to nothing about lipstick, I didn't even own any. I got the chance to try one on here and there, while doing a little research but in August of last year a friend's girlfriend who is a make up artist brought her stash and showed them to me then gave me a bit of an introduction to the MAC brand.

Ladies and gentlemen my mind was blown. When I tried on St. Germane I knew I was a MAC convert. Since then I've had so many reviews in the works (notice how everything is in the works? Ah the university education life)

So to commemorate I thought I'd share with you the boldest MAC colour I've ever purchased.

We've no MAC store here nor do they take international orders so getting your hands on one is no easy task.

I have no idea what made me want to buy this. I suppose after getting comfortable with colours like St. Germain and Morange I was ready to step out on a limb. I actually expected this colour to be black but I'm glad it's actually a rich purple as this is a shade I would never have otherwise tried.

(Do my eyes freak you out? Mission accomplished.)

It takes me back to my punk style days only a braver version. Cyber is ridiculously bold on me but dark colours usually are. It is a sheen and shine well it does, like another of my favourites Girl About Town. Cyber keeps average ware but, just like Girl about town (the colour i wore in my vlog) I have to remember not to put my hands anywhere near my lips, this is not a matte lippie ladies. Which, is fine by me as I love the shine of this type of lipsticks.

I my only complaint is that It seems to take forever to apply a smooth truly dark shade. As I'm sure you can see from my picture. This is almost three apply and press  ( what i call it) for me and I was starting to feel like I was pasting it since I wasn't going out. I like my lipsticks very dark when on most days, the contrast against my none pigmented skin is fierce in my eyes, so when it takes forever to build the dark shade I see in the tube I become annoyed. I'm sure when I do wear this out I will take the time need to apply it nice and dark but you'll have to wait for that occasion much like I am doing if you want to see it warn darker?

I think it was a good choice for the spot of boldest lipstick I ever owned and I love how MAC lipsticks, much like many other lipsticks tend to vary slightly in look according to ones complexion so there is also that fact if you're thinking about purchasing it.

I cant wait for the perfect occasion and the perfect amount of courage to line with each other so I can step outside of my comfort zone and ware this colour!

I suppose that is what has changed most about me from then till now; I've tried so many new, bold, things that I never thought I would! For so many this is just an odd lipstick. For me, this is an odd change and a reminder that I am a bold spirit able to work it to my advantage. Last year you would have never caught me even considering wearing this colour outside of my house.

Of course there are the bigger changes, like the dense realisations within my spiritual life but you'll hear more about that in my first ever Coffee Date post on Tuesday!

Peace. Love. You Better Work.
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  1. Love the colour, it looks great on you! Can't wait for your Tuesdays post...

  2. Oh my goodness! I heart that colour 😍

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm actually really diggin' it as well!


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