Monday, 22 September 2014

5 Blogs I Read on the Regular

Becky Bedbug

This lady posts pretty much every day and has brilliant post ideas. Also she is confident, nerdy, quirky and a fellow teacher. I love her honesty, individuality and the fact that she is so well spoken.

The Jessica L Blog

She has an earnest voice and a unique perspective.

I am inspired by their independence and success in doing what they love together. They continue to make me appreciate colour.

Clover & Dots

Her simple and clean creativity speaks to me.

Keiko Lynn

I'm never able to resist a Keiko Lynn post. She is gorgeous and has an individual sense of style that always comes out in her photos so dreamy and pixietale light. She styles herself according to her own desires and not particularly according to what is trending. I love it.

It was very hard to pick just five. If you need more in depth information as for why, well you can just watch my vlog as I answered all that in there much better. :)

Let me just say, doing this really made me miss blog buttons. When did bloggers stop doing that?

Also anyone up for a bit of a blogswap come the 25th?

Brave Love Blog


  1. Love your recommendations! The Jessica L blog is so well put together!

    1. She truly is on of my favourites :)

  2. I am a huge fan of A Beautiful Mess too! I love all of their DIY ideas! So creative! I will have to check out the other ones you've listed!

  3. Yes indeed, those Beautiful Mess ladies run their blog like nobody else I've seen! They are truly amazing!

  4. Awesome! I always like discovering new blogs <3



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