Saturday, 6 September 2014


(Man i miss this umbrella. Rest in Peace, pretty umbrella.)

...reading The Lonely Londoner, Minty Alley, The Autobiography of my Mother, Wide Sargasso Sea & The Mystic Masseur. All of which are proscribed texts for this semester, hastag that Lit. teacher life though!

...watching America's Next Top Model because all my good shows like Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey haven't returned yet.. Also, tidbit of fashion week street style  from NYFK and getting pumped for LAFW, Paris, London and Seoul Fashion week, which are the ones i enjoy more anyway lol. Also so many buzzfeed videos.

...trying not to worry about how I'm going to get through UNI this semester and to understand my grandmother who is cultured so differently because of the unplesant circumstances of her youth...

...eating  nothing actually but I am having my morning cup of local cocoa tea. 

...pinning  mainly lots of articles I think are interesting to read when I have more time on my hands, or when i need a break from course work. Case in point this one or for something not as heavy this one.

...tweeting random thoughts rarely.

...going back to my room to start reading my books for class.

...loving the monarchy that exists in my home, I'm really appreciating the blessing of my mother and grand mother's wisdom over the years...

...discovering more and more about myself through this challenge and the beauty of brief walks through the city during golden hour.

...enjoying the fact that I could sleep in late this morning as the first week back to work comes to a close.

...thinking about the pain in my chest and the mortality of life and the strange dreams I've had at least four nights this week that bring a sense of foreboding..

...feeling anxious about school and all the work ahead of me but grateful for the ability to breath and to see beauty in places others often miss it, like my flag blowing in the wind on a stormy afternoon, at sundown, on a flag poll in front of my university.

...hoping for peace of mind and stick-to-it-iveness for reading my texts.

...listening to this while walking through the rain at sundown in the city and being grateful for what is completely me lol I'm such a nerdy hippie hipster and I don't care, I love it. Loving Taylor Swifts catchy 'Shake it Off' song too, I'll admit it.

...thanking God for his abundance of health for me and my family in the past, for a hippie like temperament at times that makes me happy in nature. In my heart, a friend who has helped me in ways they may never no about because I wont tell them cause we don't have that relationship lol Mother for going the extra mile to help me through my recent illness.

...creating new lesson plans for the dance and art class I will be teaching for the first time soon!

...appreciating for all the new friends I've met through this challenge this week  Friends hat inquire after me if i am missing in a usual place. My textbooks getting here ON TIME this semester!!

...exciting the new Doctor Who episode coming out later today! So glad the doctor is BACK!

....loving my body! I have ups and downs with it. The times when  am insure i try to appreciate as being there to keep me humble and the times when i am vein i appreciate as a healthy sense of cultivating a culture of self love.

...starting to think about what I'll write about in the next week of the blog-tember challenge.

Peace. Love. Rest.
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  1. Really hope you'll head off to the Dr if that pain in your chest is something you're worried about. Please.

    Addicted to Downton Abbey too and Matt Smith's Dr. Who was the best (I declare myself totally and utterly in love with him!).

    You know I'm going to have to come back later and peruse your Pinterest....

  2. P.S. Have you come across REALLY great, thought-provoking, articles...

  3. You keep introducing me to all these fun new sites lady! I shall check em out. Also, you are in love with Matt as I am in love with Tennant, omg i want him for Christmas please! lol

  4. Seen tonight's Doctor Who, and loved it! And next week's looks good too...


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