Monday, 29 September 2014

10 Free Go To Resources for the Beginner Blogger

Bloglovin' - For Following, Follower Statistics and Blogger Support

Okay listen, if you're not on bloglovin' go do it, now. I'll wait. All you have to do is sign up then copy paste some code they will give you into one of your blog entries. Go on, I'll be right here.  Done? Okay good. Bloglovin not only lets you easily follow blogs you love but it makes it easy for people who love your blog and want to follow you do so. Not to mention it's a way to support fellow bloggers through likes and follows and let your own followers see what you love while giving you statistics about your blogs comings and goings. It is even likely your blog is already on bloglovin and is waiting to be claimed by you! Please, think of your followers get your bloglovin today.

PicMonkey - For Image Editing

You're going to need to put images on your blog at some point, maybe you want to add some text or even try your hand at making your own banner? Picmonkey's got you boo.

Grab Button Generator   - Make your own grab button

They're handy, personalised and have an air of professionalism. If you want to make your own blog grab button with little to no hassle this is a fine way to do it. All you need is the image you intend to use for your button. It provides with you with the finished product, grab box code and all and It's also how I made mine after some image editing in picmonkey to add text.

Pinterest - For inspiration and memory

It's like a pool of to dos and pretty things. Sometimes your mind just needs a visual kick start, pinterest can do that. I use it mostly to keep things in one place for my scatter brain to reference when i want to remember something important and not so much for ascetics.

Photobucket - For Image uploading

Maybe you're picture is fine the way it is and you just want to upload your image to use in multiple places (like to make your grab button through the link above?) Here you go, ready and waiting for you.It even lets you do some photo editing as well!

The Blog Beauticians -  A youtube channel run by Wonder Forest a blogger and web designer.

Very instructional and informative. She guides you through a lot of important blog information in little to no time! It's easy advice about the little things and can only serve to help you.

Problogger - Because you're a boss

Problogger is straight with you about how to write better content and just straight out be a better blogger as the boss of your own little web space, whether you want to use this for business or pleasure invest sometime in bettering your craft, it's certainly worth a read or ten.

Coffitivity - For coffee shop background noise

This is something recently discovered and oh my goodness bless the creator! With my vision writing in a coffee shop with a laptop isn't the easiest thing but I still do love the ambient noise of the coffee shop setting. For some reason, though I am a person who needs absolute quest for studying like in a library, going to coffee shops and so on give me great amounts of productivity for doing work.

8Track - For mood music playlists

A similar option is 8track where you can set a playlist of any kind to play as you work according to the mood you want. I am partial to classical music playlists as they help me focus sometimes when studying and there are numerous playlists on there when searching you can find that are catered to specific needs, labelled simply 'study playlist' or 'inspiring' or 'romantic' all without words so your brain is free to work. Or with words if that suits your fancy.

Link Within - For related posts

I don't know if this available on other platforms but at the button of my posts you can see the little thumbnails leading to other posts I've written that may be connected the the topic at hand or something similar. This is a great way to give some earlier posts ear time and to let new readers get to know you by exploring your blog through the vehicle of their own interests.


 I hope you find some of these resources helpful or handy on your blogging journey. As a blogger I know how intimidating it can sometimes be when you visit blogs that look so well put together. On my blogging journey I have come to learn that an arsenal of blogging resources that work for you; that serve to keep you both functional and inspired is one of the best advantages to creating and maintaining a blog you're happy with. Remember when your environment is clean, healthy and happy it inspires the same elements within you. For bloggers, our blogs are a huge part of our environment so it makes sense to ensure we keep them a healthy and productive space.

Oh and in case you want to step it up a notch as Christmas is coming and you want to know what to get yourself to improve your blogging experience, or maybe for your blogger buddy? You're in luck, I've got a second step post about that too! Check it out here at 5 Gifts for your beginner blogger buddy. Which, you know, might be yourself, it's okay I wont tell anyone go ahead and treat yourself. Blogging is hard work, they don't even know.

What are your go to blogging resources? 

Peace. Love. Research.
Brave Love Blog.


  1. Great resources....was just looking, yesterday, for how to make a grab button!!! Off to look at your other post (for myself, LOL!)....

  2. Thanks for the comment - I think I'm going to change my blog's design in October sometime. Yep, I need a change. Thanks for all the resources, too - I hadn't heard of all these. =)

  3. Yay!! Pinterest ☺ I love your blog! I am going to be a reader for ever!

  4. Thank You for reading I'm glad you're enjoying my writing! :D I loved your vlog post so much and your awesome accent.


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