Monday, 8 September 2014

♫♪My Ear Candy♪♫

(I've always wanted skull candy headphones and I finally bought myself a peer, they're expensive here where I live but omg I love them so much! A tiny dream fulfilled in all their blue loveliness!)

I love so many genres of music so this is a really really hard question. I did recently make a list of 3 British Bombshells Song Birds I'm loving. I actually do not use spotify of pandora. Frankly the fact that the pandora app doesn't work here well pissed me off so I was like screw it, aint nobody neeeeed you, snap snap. Youtube and youtube playlists suit me just fine thanks!

Lets see if we can get some order to this aye? I think my absolute:

Favourite Female English Speaking Solo Artist - P!NK with Raise Your Glass, Dear Diary and In fact this song of hers got me through the most trying times of my youth. She sings of being wanting to be the person she dreamed up when she was sixteen and I heard the song when I was sixteen, feeling like the person I dreamed of being would never be; as I a rising dream or a falling star?  I felt like she was talking directly to me. I love P!nk because she is a woman after my own heart. She embraces her femininity and what is often considered masculine without apology. She lets her pain inspire her, she is beautiful and fit and acknowledges her imperfections as part of a whole wonderful person. She wears dresses and leather and loves her baby and fights for what she believes in. Ah, her music is a very personal journey for me.

Favourite Female none English Speaking Solo Artist - GaIn with songs like Bad Temper and Irreversible

Favourite Male English Speaking Solo Artist - Mike Shinoda my favourite of his album being Red to Black as it has and continues to help me through some tough times.

Favourite Male none English Speaking Solo Artist - TaeYoung with his voice that just gets me in Wedding Dress and Eyes Nose Lips.

Favourite Male English Speaking Band - LinkinPark with songs like Hit the Floor with lyrics like 'I know I'll never trust a single thing you say; you knew your lies would divide us but you lied anyway' and Nobody's Listening with lyrics that said 'all of this stress gave me something to write on' , BackStreetBoys? Ah I don't listen to enough music...

Favourite Female English Speaking Band - I don't think i have one...Suggestions?

Favourite Female none English Speaking Band - 2NE1 with songs like I'm the Best and anthem of self worth and Ugly which confronts the negative emotions girls face growing up.

Favourite Male none English Speaking Band - BigBang some of my favourite songs from them are Cafe and Haru Haru.

I wont go into them by genre but just know that I love me some: country, classical (Mozart and Beethoven all day any day), oldie goldies, (A little Frank Sanatra a little Dean Martin anyone?) alternative rock, pop, rap, hip hop, gospel rap (some lacrae maybe?) and the list goes on! Honestly the only genre of music I don't think I enjoy is heavy metal. As you can see from my list I am a huge fan of kpop and just South Korean music as a whole. The name of my post is inspired by the South Korean song My Ear Candy.

I feel like I just shared so much angsty music with you. What can i say? I was an angsty kid so a lot of the music that stayed with me is music I felt like was feeling what I felt. These days though I'm all about the disney soundtracks, the classical albums, the musical soundtracks (legally blonde the musical inspires me also that movie with the kids at collage that was surprisingly a movie i forgot what it's called, Hairspray brightens my day and the oldies. So here are some bonus tracks:

 this would be on the soundtrack of my life for those moments when I've jumped out of my depressive states // This is so sombre and flowery to me // Some Big Baby Driver // Some Brown Eyed Girls here because we must recognise the words of wolves and because is make up your cleaning cream?  // because this can be a sickness if we don't pay attention  // This gets me knowing her back story // Who couldn't use a little fever and some chills now and again?

Oops did i get a bit sad with it again? I have a thing for incredibly soulful voices especially when the song is very emotional sorry. Hope you find something you like!

What makes you bust a move?
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  1. I love Pink! Did you know that she has a new album coming out with Dallas Green? It comes out in October and I'm so excited! I came over from the link-up, thanks so much for sharing!

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  3. Have had loads of meetings so no time to pop by :( Such a wonderful list of music, most of which I haven't listened to, so will give it a bash this weekend! Just had to say I LOVE PINK!!!! Everything about her!


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