Wednesday, 24 September 2014

To Do before December | List

// Spring cleaning for the blog
// Finals
// Hold auditions for the short film written by yours truly
// Finish talks with illustrator for book cover
// Set book launch date
// Finish one of the hardest classes I'll have to do for school
// Spend time with my girlfriends if possible
// Kick skin cancer threats off my body again
// Make it to the beach
// Stroll through the supermarket, notice the change to Christmas music and let it make my soul twirl
// Celebrate my mothers birthday

Winter apparently starts on December 21st and since we don't have those seasons I'm adjusting today's prompt ever so slightly.

Peace. Love. Productivity.
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  1. Sounds like an impressive list! I need to clean up and donate some spring/summer clothing .. but that's about it ;-)


  2. Hopefully i can find some time to do that too but that's a major under taking...I'd need to go a little crazy and by the time school ends for Christmas I don't think i'll have the energy for a while lol

  3. Oh, you: a film and a book! Wow! Go girl! [Hopefully you will tell more!]

  4. I most certainly will :) It's all very exciting and in the process right now but I will be sharing tones once we get things going in a more complete way :D

  5. wow! looks like such a great list to accomplish! hope you'll get through them all!


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