Saturday, 13 September 2014

My Relationships and Me

Here's the thing, I am not going to be talking about that on the internet. I feel the only time I will be willing to talk about a relationship is when I am married, which I am not. I respect every bloggers willingness to share cute photos coupled up and to talk about their love story and the like, I will swoon and I will grasp my heart in support and I will cheer you on with complete honesty, i mean why wouldn't they? Love is beautiful! However in all truth the culture of love and togetherness is very different where I live so I hope you will forgive me if my blog does not fall in line?

Perhaps it is as a result of this I feel like a key element to keeping any relationship secure is protecting it from the input of others. This has taken me a long time to holistically understand. Everyone will have their confidant but I feel as though parading any relationship before the judgement of others is almost like putting it in harms way. Suddenly and often unintentionally people start feeling like you've given them the right to decide how things should go between you and your partner and your love becomes a topic of gossip in all corners of the room, each voice adding their own filter to the topic, making it distorted and toxic. Suddenly it becomes this game where people start saying things like they knew this or they start secretly routing for you to take this path or that and perhaps start sharing these thoughts with you and influencing the course of a journey meant for two human beings and the God that led them to each other.

Some may argue this is not the case on the internet but we live in a world that is quickly shrinking and I personally live on a very small island and here we have a saying that goes 'Too many hands spoil the pot' Which pretty much means you don't want too many people trying to cook one dish at a time, their individual tastes are bound to conflict and in the end you end up with a meal nobody is satisfied with.

So you'll never catch me throwing up pictures of a significant other unless that person is my husband or if I'm honest at least fiancé, then almost all bets are off. Then I will let you know that I have joined myself to another forever. Until then everything else seems so not finalised and I'm not comfortable telling the world about that process. Experiences like that I want to keep private in a very public world. And as I learn lessons from them, be sure I will share them with you in one way or another, with out blame and without name, focused instead on the blessing of the lesson. Not distracted by fluff, not romanticised. That is just my view on it.

For now know this, I am fortunate to be surrounded by love. I am fortunate to have very special relationships with some very special people, male and female. I wont put them too much on blast but I've got about thee gal pals I can go to, all fulfilling their purpose. You know, the kind of people who you just love on despite how much time has passed? You just pick up the phone with and get right into it? I've got ladies that keep me intellectually stimulated, that share different perspectives with me, who I don't have to complete sentences with and who shower me with so much love they make me blush.

Then I've got fellahs! I've got fellahs who I can have one word sentences with, fellahs I can spend the entire night talking to, fellahs who are my movie slash show watching buddies, fellahs who LIVE to disagree with me and make me angry at all costs then laugh and fellahs who will entertain my most alternative theories with conversation.

I am truly blessed with good friends and I really appreciate them all in their own right. I pray that they can feel it. (I can hear them making fun of me now if they read that 'Where's the love LIZ?! I can't feel the love, LOVE ME! haha  If you who know who you are ever read this: you guys are idiots Thank you.☺♥)

I did meet up with one of my lovely friends this July though so if you want to check out or idle mini vlogging experience click here and be warned, it is some silliness...I have way too much energy for one person forgive me?

 Peace. Love. Friendship.
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  1. Wonderful post: this was also the prompt I was dreading. I wrote it. Scheduled it. Deleted it. Replaced it with a much simpler 'It's too difficult' text and then decided, at the last minute, to put the original one out there. Because I really think telling my story is going to help, in however small a way. It's already helped me, just to write it down (but I'm still thinking it's a post I'm going to delete).....

  2. Thank you Helen!

    I've read your post and i do agree that because your situation is shall i say unique? It will likely do a WORLD of good getting it out there. With it you may be the voice in the dark for so very many who feel like they are so far lost they will never see their self again...

    However, i do believe you should do what does not make you feel uncomfortable so i understand why you would want to delete is as's a hard choice...

    Do you boo ;)

  3. I think you have such a great perspective on this. Many relationships would do much better if people treated them with the level of respect you display. Certainly admirable in this day and age!

  4. Thank you! I know my perspective is a rare one...but i figured better to be honest than the lead on an audience in falsehood anwyay :)


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