Thursday, 11 September 2014

9 Ways to Stay Inspired For the Auditory Learner | List

 (While walking though the city I noticed this hung high upon a telephone post. I thought what a surprise and what an odd place to find beauty. Reminding us to keep our head up perhaps?)

       As the title implies, I'm quite the auditory learner. It is extremely helpful knowing what kind of learner you are, not just for school but to have an upper hand on success in your day to day life. Inspiration is a slippery coy thing. I've found one often has to chase it rather than wait for it to come around. As such, there are ways I've noted I can stay inspired. Most, if not all of these are particularly partial to the auditory learner but do work just as well for multiple learning styles.

Conversation -Talk with the people around you. When I need to feel inspired I usually to to and learn from those who I consider intellectuals or those I consider rather wise. This tends to provide perspective, which is important as it's necessary to remember your world view is not the only one in existence.  This new intake of knowledge can spike a whole series of motivational thoughts and actions. It's like seeing an object as one colour for a long time then suddenly realising there are multiple shades of that colour one day as you are looking at it; the object does not change but how you perceive it suddenly can.

Take walks - They don't have to be long, they could be a walk down your street to get some fresh air or a run to your favourite treat shop just because. It is easy for me to see beauty in little nooks, in the sundown, in a child snuggling into the elbow of a mother at the end of a long school day, in flowers hung in the middle of the city, the slightest drizzle, children laughing, buses passing, life happening. I encourage you to see the familiar with new eyes, the eyes of a tourist. So many surprises and secrets await you finding them!

Read - I read interesting articles, if I'm honest at least once a day, most of my social media involvements include Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed and other such like and so many of them come with videos these days. Go to town, expand your horizons and google that thing you've always wondered about. Let words transport you to new life experiences, one sentence at a time.

Pray - It's easier for me sometimes to emerge out of a clear completely honest conversation through prayer with a clearer lighter head and heart. When my head is clear I can appreciate things better. Also, sometimes in hearing yourself say what's up with you with reckless abandon it is an almost magical way of jump starting a solution or idea.

Indulge in Your Creativity - I let myself write, draw, sometimes scrapbook if I can only find the supplies. It's a wonderful and rewarding way to spend time with yourself and hear the voice of your own soul. Do the things you love and let them remind you why you love them.

Leaf Through Old Photos Or Journals - Sometimes memories remind me of an issue that gets me all fired up and passionate again. When I look of photos from a different time, good or bad, I am almost transported to a fraction of that moment, whether it is back to a funny joke someone said, a friend's laugh, wish or worry, the sound of the waves that day, the sound of the wind in the trees, the feel of the sun or sand on my skin, how the people moved around us like blurs of coloured fabric...Also, since I tend to draw a looking through my past works gets my brain going, either remembering what i felt when I drew it or trying to remember what i felt when i drew it gets my engines revved too For different learners I'm sure it is a different experience. Maybe you will see an instance play out before your eyes like it happened then, maybe it will remind you why you needed to catalogue that day...or why you wish you hadn't. Even pain can inspire us.

Listen to the Music - Listen to old music or new music or both and consider new possibilities. New music really gets me thinking and sometimes i'll ask friends to make me playlists just so I can hear things i might not have otherwise chosen myself.

Plan - Maybe make a list, or journal or talk to yourself if you're into that (i am so into that, it's a problem! haha) I plan for the future, how I can make steps in the now to fulfil my many dreams, these plans make me all stirred up!

Punch Fear in the Face - I do something that scares me every now and again, not by anybody's decision but my own, I decide my limits and how and if I want to transcend them. this is how it works for me. Even if it's what most might consider very small of a thing, usually I can learn quite a lot from it and learning is always inspiring.

Peace. Love. Be Inspired.
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  1. Looking through old journals is one of my favorite things to do! I love seeing how much life has changed between then and now. And sometimes it's funny to see how much one thing may have bothered me that, now I don't care about.

    1. A men sister! It also amuses me how important something might have once been but no longer is. c-c-c-c-chaaaaanges! Heh..

  2. Another wonderfully introspective, deeply thoughtful post. Thank you xxx I didn't know you scrapbook?!! I do too!!!

  3. When i can get my hands on some material yeah...I've not seen washie tape here and no one wants to give me old magazines :( Boo!


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