Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bloggers' Guilt

So if you haven't been able to tell by the button at the bottom of every post this month I've been doing the Blogtember challenge.  Today's prompt asked that we do a blog swap. Unfortunately I'm still a bit shy to reach out to people and ask about guest posting for them so I don't have a blog post for you today.

and i felt guilty about it.

Which took me back to my earliest days of blogging in the public eye. How I would try to conjour up and empty post just because I felt it had been too long without adding material to my blog .

What blogger doesn't go through this? That nagging voice at the back of your brain that tells you you are being lazy, that you should at least try to write something, anything, that you are letting down those who are eager to hear from you.

Then what happens? Well it's not uncommon to publish a post that has no soul. You know, something that nobody really feels or can connect with, something that just fills space.

It's taken me a long time to come to realise that this guilt is unhealthy for both you, your blog and your readership. People can feel when you care about your content and more so so can you.

So when I look back on the blog posts that I have placed in the public eye, I aspire to be proud of it. To be re inspired every time I press the more posts button. To remember that then, in the moment that I crafted those words together they would mean something to me and to someone else too. Even if it is just a list of things I am loving I want to make sure that I am actually loving it.

After all blogging should be fun, so if it's making you feel guilty I guess that made me wonder if I was doing it right. Certainly I was not feeling guily for the 'right' reasons if such a thing exists

Well either way I am happy to say I have been succeeding at this goal for some time now. I also acknowledge that pushing yourself to right can often too help you to grasp onto an idea you may never have had had you not pushed yourself so well so don't get me wrong. Kind of like how it is discussed in this TED talk called 'Your Elusive Creative Genius' by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat. Pray. Love. Ah she words it so well!

Though it has brought me to wonder if other bloggers ever felt like this, like they should throw out content because there is a void that needs to be, calls them like a drug to be filled?

Have you ever experienced bloggers guilt? How do you deal with it?

Peace. Love. Continued Inspiration.
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  1. Hey you, love your post! Especially the line 'feeling guily for the 'right' reasons if such a thing exists'....made me chuckle! Blog-tember's coming to an end, I'm in a panic about what to do for October.....'existential blog crisis', LOL!!! I want the blog to be consistent, want posts to be quality, but have so many ideas, so much to say...I think I'm just going to have to throw myself in at the deep end and launch it all 'any which way' and see how it goes....I know if I don't have some sort of plan in place and posts scheduled, it won't happen....[have my answers to your questions pending as a blog post...]....have a lovely weekend xxx

    1. I know, I've so many ideas going round and round in my head. Trying to remain focused but it aint easy haha

  2. P.S. Haven't watched that Gilbert TED, will do this weekend - thanks for the heads up xx

  3. In all honesty, I rarely read a blog if there is a post swap. I stop by my fav list of blogs in blogger to read the blog writers thoughts .. If the blogger mentions their favorite bloggers, or interviews another blogger . . then that's fine .. it helps me to discover those blogs. But in general I want to hear the voice of the blog owner .. that's what keeps me subscribed :-)


    1. Very interesting perspective Monica. I know what you mean too, I've been known to gloss quickly over a guest post m'self. However, I've also been fortunate in discovering some awesome new blogs and their bloggers that way so I've come to appreciate them a bit more than i used to ya know?


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