Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Five Year Old Me Would Tell You

(A little sketch i whipped up with some after care via picmonkey, with a few flaws but all the better for harnessing the mind of a child right?)

Five year old me would tell you, rather boldly: when I grow up I want to be a ballerina because I like to dance and I think it would be rather fun to dance all day.

When I jump from the edge of one coach arm rest to another, I feel so accomplished. I could fall and hurt myself but for that moment, in that space, in the air between those two chairs I feel like I am flying.

So since I can not be superman because I can not fly as high as him, I would like to be a ballerina and dance all day.

With my hands stretched out to the fingertips, cutting through the breeze and twirling so that I can see the world rotating on its apsis and feel it under my toes...because I can not see it standing still but i can feel it when i twirl and it reminds me better that times are changing...time is passing, time on earth is beautiful and so...

I would like to dance all day.

This was written in the voice of my five year old self. In retrospect i think what i really wanted out of the superman and the dance is the ability to fly and that was my young brain making the best association, haha. I must admit my wanna be ballerina age was rather brief. For more on the many things I wanted to be while growing up, check out this illustrated post.

Peace. Love. Twirls
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  1. ADORE this post and, girl, those drawings in the one you link to? FABULOUS! So witty! I feel your heart of a poet - 'but for that moment, in that space, in the air between those two chairs I feel like I am flying' - and it makes me sing for you xxx

    1. Thanks you!!!

      The way i thought as a child i now find incredibly entertaining lol It's fun to consider it now that I've grown and warmed up to this notion of logical thinking...;)

      I'm glad my words made an impact on you <3

  2. Again, love your words {& pics}! Actually, I always thought ballerinas were these amazing otherworldly creatures, but I never took lessons... that is until college & I had to take a physical education course & saw that they had a beginners ballet class. I bravely signed up. Let's face it, I wasn't some amazing talent & the final, which was a performance, was probably quite laughable, but I'm glad I did it, cause it was a dream.

  3. Brave indeed Bess! I dunno if now after growing into styling logic i'd take a ballet class, all that standing on the toes looks like trouble to me haha!

    Still, a beginners course does sound like a fun story of a time! :)


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