Wednesday, 10 September 2014

10 Things I dig About Me | List

I'm A Sum of My Parts // I am mixed with native Carib Indian and Chinese  (some indentured worker at the time) Which accounts for my high cheek bones which i have learned to love. Of course this is generations ago and not easily recognisable.

I'm Pertinacious // I know what I want for my future and how to plan towards it.  I also have the courage to put these plans into action and not get distracted by people telling me how I should do it instead, according to their desires. This is a blessing not bestowed upon everyone and I am grateful for it.

I Possess Active Talent // I am not just a writer, I write and have been published in local papers, regional and international online magazines and blogs.

I'm A Survivor // I have, with time overcome things I never thought I could or would not like violence in my youth and constant verbal abuse from authority figures at school.

I'm Adequately Curvy // I have the figure of my mother and grand mother's youth, this means a tiny waist, a bit of an hour glass figure though I don't usually 'flaunt' it as it tends to get lots of attention and I really don't like that kind of attention unless I like you like that.

I'm a Competent Communicator  // I can stand before a crowd and speak with little fear, public speaking doesn't bother me much.

I've A Good Body Image // I really like me. Like...really like me. It didn't start there but I faked it till I made it and guess what? I made it

I Can Werq What I Got // My boobs, they're not media stipulated knockers but I personally find them quite lovely and visually appreciate often. Hey mad, they're not going to look like this forever!

I've Linguistic Leverage // I enjoy having a firm command over English as well as my own native creole.

I'm Multifaceted // My business card looks like this: Writer/Poet/Teacher/Motivational Speaker/MODEL (yes I've actually done a little of that too!) Usually though I just stick to writer slash poet but the point is I love the many talents God has bestowed me with , they've made for a rather good time so far.

Peace. Love. Go hard or go home bruh!
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  1. Love so many of your points! 'Active talent' (great description!) - adequately curvy (fabulous!) - and WERQ - don't tell me you love tom&lorenz too?? OMG girl!!!
    Also - I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! xxx

  2. Hey there lizelle, I have nominated you for the liebster award :-)

  3. Hia....just answer the questions ;) And, hah! Of course I was serious ;) [When do you graduate?]


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