Saturday, 20 September 2014

A day in the life.

8:30 Good Morning with breakfast and blogs - A late day because I've doctor visits today
10:30 - Bath and readiness
 11:10 - I'm out!
 11:15 - My bus stop is basically wait till the bus comes round the corner then stick my hand out lol It's not that we don't have them but our buses don't need them all over to be allowed to stop that rule only holds up in the city.
11:45 - In the city. Next bus
12:14 - Studying in the waiting room
12: 45 - Saw the doc in his 'office'
1:20 Supermarket - Treating myself to cereal (It's expensive here)
 1:30 - Left supermarket

1:32 - bus home

2:15 home

2:16 - emails checking and answering, blog reading and start putting pictures for future blog posts (like this one) to upload in another tab as that can take a while. Meanwhile change back into homeware, have a cold drink to get over the Caribbean heat (I bought it at the supermarket but forgot to take a picture) and do my reading and catching up in another tab. Multi tasking baby!

2:38 -  Check on grandmother who is sick and make sure she's eaten.

3:43 - Cereal and Suits to calm my brain down from the day (my laptop's not dirty I don't know why the picture got all weird and grainy like that)

5:30 - Back to studying

6:30 - Class + supper

8:00 - Next class

9:30 - Communing with family + social media

10:00 - Listening to local news + blog post drafting, comment answering and and making.

10:45 -More Suits (bad girl bad! I was supposed to go back to studying but i was tired)

11:45 - More Studying

12:30 - Good night

As you can see I rather forgot to take pictures all through out. Maybe I'll try this again if you guys enjoyed it. Mind you, this is not a typical day, I actually had the day off that day for an appointment.

Peace.Love.Beauty on the daily.
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  1. Lovely photos! The Caribbean sounds like it would be quite nice! What are suits?

  2. Suits is a show on the U.S.A network about a firm of lawyers one of which, never went to law school but because he has a photographic memory has passed the LSATs numerous times when he used to illegally take the test to make money. Now he is posing as a lawyer under the tutelage of one the firms top partners and prays they do not get caught as they take on cases that can make or break peoples lives.

    Yes, the Caribbean is lovely, you should pay it a visit! :D

  3. Wow, a busy day! Love the colours in the city! Typical Caribbean colours! Beautiful! [Would LOVE to pay you, and the island, a visit one day! the meantime a 'care package' swap would be just lovely!]....hope your Gran was OK xx

    1. Hope you can! As time goes by my Gran' is getting her strength back thanks for asking :)

  4. Yes I do enjoy this! I have seen this type of post before and I have been meaning to do it but I keep forgetting to take a picture when my day starts :) One day I'll have to be serious about it and do it!

  5. I know right?! Did you notice my cup is already a quarter empty? haha I woke up, sat down with my tea, had a drink of and then the realisation hit me! I need to take pictures today! lol It aint easy doing one of these if you are an easily distracted person like me :)


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