Sunday, 28 September 2014

Highzies and Lowzies

This month I...

  • Started school again
  • Got reassured by my doctor that I am taking good care of myself even if I'm not exactly winning.
  • Started talks with my illustrator for the cover of my book
  • Felt pretty
  • Had Sweet Traditions outrageous chocolate cake for the first time all on my own.
  • Had mangos even though mango season is well on it's way out the door thanks to someone awesome.
  • Enjoyed the rainy season mornings of thunder and lightening storms curled up in bed
  • Did blogtember
  • Made lots of new blogging buddies and discovered new inspiring blogs

But this month I also...

Found new cause for concern via my health
Felt trapped in my own situations
Realised that my students are really growing up fast
Dealt with a lot of insomnia which slows my productivity and frustrates me.

Life has always been a series of ups and downs, when I'm up I'm way up and I feel like I can fly and when I'm down I'm way down and I feel like there is no point. Yet as we know, the only thing constant in life is change. So here we are. Looking at it all, it doesn't seem like much but the rest of it has been tied up in reading books for uni. All in all I feel like September was mostly a transitional phase...

How do you summarise your September?

Peace. Love. Time Management.

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  1. Oh, love that you list 'felt pretty' as a high - brilliant! Sorry to hear about your health issues xxx Love that you summed up your month in one word: I may start doing this in my journal!


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