Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Topsy Turvy Happy

A lot of things make me happy on various levels.

  • The smell of rain on hot asphalt
  • Sitting on the sand and listening the heart beat of the ocean as the sun goes down.
  • Laughing with my friends over jokes we do not even have to verbalise any more
  • Lipstick
  • Titbits of wisdom and bellyfuls of laughter from my mother.
  • God
  • Impacting lives as a writer
  • Impacting lives though teaching
  • Chocolate Milkshakes
  • Summer Holiday
  • Rain on a galvanise roof (think tin roof foreigners lol)
  • P!NK the artist
  • Stationary
  • Writing
  • Road trips
  • Weddings
  • Landing in a new country
  • Journals
  • When dogs nudge you and skip your hand onto their head so you pet them.
  • When cats jump on your lap or throw themselves unto your feet and get unbelievably comfortable
  • Family Photos
  • Cloudy Days
  • Crossing things off my to do list
  • Hearing my grandmother laugh loudly or sing softly
  • An outfit coming together better than I could have ever planned
  • Good Grades
  • Teaching Sunday School
  • Snail Mail
  • Happy Music
  • The Golden Hour
  • Puppy Breath
  • Cobblestone Walks
  • Belle my favourite Disney Princess
  • Surprising My Friends
  • Old Style Colonial Styled Homes
  • Local Cocoa Tea
  • Funny Text Messages from my friends and family (as seen above, this one was the first text I got from my sister after she moved away and got a new number)

Happiness is such a topsy turvy thing.

Peace. Love. Happy.

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  1. Yes, them spiral staircases! =) Wish I had one in my home. We've got a lot of things in common, girl! Love your list!

    1. Right? Though if i had them in my home i'd have probably fallen down them by now due to multiple antics and moments of solo acting i suspect haha

      Loved your list too!

  2. i love when outfits just come together. and you reminded me how much i love hearing my grandpa hum and "la de da"...such great memories!

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