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 My favourite quote from Eat.Pay.Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert

So I've been tossing around how to tackle today's post about personality. I've always found the research of personality and personality types fascinating, in most of their forms. It is astounding how highly accurate they always seem to b, ever reminding me that the creation of the average human being is a road map of beautiful complexities. variables that were put together just the right way by a Master sculptor so that stars aligned and numbers did too and genes and brainwaves and oh the marvel of it all..

Surely, no theory will ever get it right, i remain convinced that their are some secrets of our creation that will forever be secret to us, like the techniques behind the brush strokes and though processes of any artist really. Though i think that we are allowed to get close sometimes and peek into the marvel that is the sketch that preceded, exudes through and will likely remain after ourselves.

I  don't think i quite explained that well haha! I hope you were able to catch a hint of what i am trying to say though. I have deep beliefs about a lot of things and sometimes I don't think my words can keep up with my feeling. It's hard for a body and a brain to explain the things of The Spirit.  Anyway! On with it!

So i decided to take one of those fancy smancy sciencey quantitative qualitative personality test things, turns out I branded as:

Extravert(22%)  Sensing(1%)  Feeling(12%)  Judging(44%)
  • You have slight preference of Extraversion over Introversion (22%)
  • You have marginal or no preference of Sensing over Intuition (1%)
  • You have slight preference of Feeling over Thinking (12%)
  • You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (44%)

So many bloggers getting that super rare one, I almost feel left out, except not really cause I think I'm aight with my wonderfully made self ;)

According to this site some interesting facts about the ESFJ are:
  • Underrepresented among people suffering from substance abuse
  • Among types highest in resources for coping with stress
  • Second most likely of all types to report believing in a higher spiritual power
  • Highest of all types in reported satisfaction with their marriage or intimate relationship
  • Among most likely of all types to stay in college
  • Most likely of all types to be satisfied with their co-workers
  • Values at work include clear structure, security, and the ability to be of service to others
  • Among the types most satisfied with their work
  • Commonly found in careers in education, health care, and religion

I find myself embarrassed to say this but according to this site I'm preeeeeetty awesome.

' People who share the ESFJ personality type are, for lack of a better word, popular – which makes sense, given that it is also a very common personality type, making up twelve percent of the total population. In high school, ESFJs are the cheerleaders and the quarterbacks, setting the tone, taking the spotlight and leading their team forward to victory and fame. Later in life, ESFJs continue to enjoy supporting their friends and loved ones, organizing social gatherings and doing their best to make sure everyone is happy.'

Well, I was never a cheerleader but to be fair that was just starting to become a thing when I was leaving school. Also to be honest, my teachers were having the dilemma of not understanding my capabilities and who can blame them I was having the same problem at the time but that's a whole other post isn't it?

However I do admit that quite a lot of what I read about this personality type is true for me, likely 95% though it might be the glitter of finding such a well explained seeming true scenario, I'll have to check back.

Its actually interesting to me that i got classed as an extrovert as I'm ever so shy and likely wouldn't talk to you if you didn't speak to me. I really was starting to wonder. Mainstream media always makes it sound like an extrovert can't be shy but in reality i get nervous over social interaction like everyone else. I guess i just am rather good at hiding it.

I do believe that courage is being the only one in the room that knows you're scared to death, as the saying goes. I guess that scared straight really does describe me well because in the face of fear, I still do not intend to fail. Which is no surety that I wont mind you.

I also have days when i am not interested in talking to anyone. I just want to be alone, often this will go on or a week and I'll be fine to myself. This usually scares my friends as they say it is not me I guess what they mean is not me usually.

Oh, I'm also, in western astrology quite the Aries  In Eastern study of astrology I am quite the Fire Rabbit so you know, if you want to know more on that there you have it! ;D

I guess I've always kind of been that odd crayon among markers. Or is it the other way around? Whichever it is, I make it look good though! Cause momma taught me that people were going to look at me when I walk into a room, she also taught me to walk in like a boss every chance I get.

Peace. Love. Do You Boo
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  1. well hey there ESFJ! lol its so funny how society thinks extroverted and introverted people are! they assume that introverts are shy and extroverts aren't. its totally not the case! being an introvert or extrovert are based on how you get energy. so most extroverts find themselves thriving in big social gatherings because talking to people gives them energy, it doesn't mean you aren't terrified of doing it! lol and the same for introverts. i am an introvert but i'm also super talkative! introverts need space to pull away after social gatherings and need to be alone in their bubble and recharge. i know i explained this all in my post. sorry! like i said i'm talkative! haha

    1. Quite aright! Fear not! I well enjoyed reading it :D

  2. LOVE this post, LOVE IT!! Love your line, "It's hard for a body and a brain to explain the things of The Spirit", totally totally true. Love your honesty....and the last paragraph? Had me in tears....your Mum sounds like one formidable woman ;)

  3. Haha! Helen i think that might be JUST the word for her! :D

  4. I find personality types to be fascinating. I never really thought so until I started feeling tension and friction among people I worked with. I started to realize that we all processed and understood things differently because we all had different personality types. The unfortunate thing was that we never got around to finding the right solution for us to all work together in the most effective way.. but it did open my eyes to be more open about how we all work and get along and critique and bring the best out in each other. I am ISFJ by the way! :)

  5. Ah if only i could get all my co-workers to take this test! Maybe we'd find better ways to be successful together haha.

    woo! ISFJ! That's my direct opposite, i think statistics say we'd well get along! :D


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