Friday, 17 July 2015

Musing :: NOTD : Freshly Minted

So I finally found a polish that gives me a minty shade and I love it! I thought I wouldn't as it took me so long, years in fact, to find a mint shade but even still when I look down at it on my nails it gives me joy.  Yes I know they're all chippy already but oh aren't they dreamy?!

I think so.

Peace. Love. Dreamy Satisfaction.


  1. Definitely a pretty color .. I think creams are hard to wear, they seem to chip easily.


  2. Ugh, aint that the truth! They have really taught me not to be bothered by the chipping as much that's for sure as after all it happens soooo often with them one cant help but get used to it or get all too frustrated lol

  3. Ooh, delicious colour! Love it! I love it when you're wearing a pretty nail polish and you catch a glimpse of it and go 'Ooh! Yum!'.....!!!


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