Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Project 52 - JUNE

Okay so I'm a day outside of the month, forgive me but here you go my four photos taken in the weeks of June 2015

01 - These sunnies/shades (as we call them a here) belonged to a model, she wore them so well! I had to grab a photo next to these traditional doors at the museum. They just make me think of summer time.

02 - I was at the best craft supply store on the island, liaising with the owner via business meeting as we prepared to work together for my writers organisation's annual performance showcase.

03 - More glimpses of set design, we were making 'stained glass' windows out of plastic and paint. It turned out brilliant thanks to my other artist friend and the cast chipping in.

04 - A glimpse of the finished set, it pales in comparison trust me.

I was so busy last month! I am still swimming in residual workload, barely able to string thoughts together. This creative process can get crazy I tell ya, people just don't know! I was so busy I missed my posting schedule last week...bleh.

In other news, that brings me to a full SIX MONTHS of doing Project 52 and  I am SO PROUD of myself! haha Also, look how much more colourful these photos are! I've been working on taking more colourful photos, since my eyes don't really like bright colours it's something I've stayed away from for a long time but I challenged myself a lot the past month and lookie lookie!

After failing in such epic fashion with project 365 on so many occasions this is encouraging. It has also served as a reminder that just because we cannot do it all does not mean we may not do all that we can do well.

HAPPY July!!!

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  1. Hia! Glad you've got an exciting project to take your mind off school work! I bet the set looks FAB! LOVE those glasses; my son just convinced me to buy him a pair of mirrored sunglasses......(he looks *too* handsome in them!).....HAPPY WEEKEND...! Missing you xxx

  2. 'Too Handsome'<--- well done mama lol


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