Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Musing :: NOTD : Grenada Independence Day Nail Art!

It's independence day here in the little land o'mine.

Here we like to dress up for the occasion, ourselves AND our nation :)

Here's a pic of just a little bit of the decor done near my home for the 7th

I need some self beautifying via my nails in our national colours

Saw the tutorial on cutepolish YouTube channel as a Christmas design but it was perfect for our independence day so I chose to do it then :) Sorry it's so dark.

Does it ever get you thinking? About what it means to be independent?
For us it's more of a namesake I would say, we still are so painful dependent as a country :/

What about as people?

What does it mean to be independent in mind, in thought, in actions?
Are those things stilled governed by the thoughts and or actions of someone else?
Is it cool because my best friend does it?
Is it ok because my mom said so?

Things to ponder aren't they?

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