Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Musing My Plush Palette :: Eat Like a Local : Outragous Chocolate Cake!

If you are not a chocolate lover let me warn you now that this post make no sense. This post is about my favourite slice of cake, now that's a layers of Chocolate Fudge Cake, a layers of Fudgey Brownies a layer of cheese cake, another layer of Fudgey Brownies and topped off with another layer of Chocolate Fudge Cake, all together.

Surely, it has well earned the name outrageous right? 

This is my very favourite chocoholic sweet indulgence on the island and I know I am not alone. If you visit and you have not had this. You have not lived!

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Peace. Love. Chocolate.


  1. When people ask if I drink alcohol, I often tell them "no", I'd rather eat chocolate cake ... lol. I'll have an occasional alcohol beverage, but in reality .. I want cake ..exactly the cake you have pictured ~ yum-o!


  2. Oh Monica I could not have said it better, I would rather have this than all the alcohol in the world! haha Not a drinker myself, much like you mentioned I may have something with alcohol in it now and then but meh it's not for me lol


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