Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Tarantism Track List

This word is pretty much how I have been feeling the past two or three months. When everything hits the fan and that familiar feeling of freak out has risen in my chest and I cannot think straight sometimes I need to turn my brain off and not think just for a little bit.

For moments like that, there is dance.

Dance that takes all your energy, dance that makes you sweat and move and feel alive and sexy (if that's what you need at the time) dance that flings your hands, your hips your head and your hair. Dance that keeps you too busy to be sad even if it's only for three minutes out of a day.

Lately one to three songs on the following track list has allowed me to do that. Dance for a while until I can't breathe, until the adrenaline fills my brain and I must lie on my bed breathing heavily, breathing rabidly, desperate for breath but breathing.

Sometimes when I can't think it's like I cant breathe, like I'm suffocating under the weight of my anxieties but...then I can dance and remember that regardless of my circumstances....I can breathe.

Fair warning, not all the songs on this list are rated PG if you know what I mean haha approach with caution if they're not your cup of tea.

 Tarantism Track List March 2015

Happy Sunday!


  1. Why, Lady Lizelle, what a great post! Word porn: is that a site? (Off to Google....hope I don't get risqué results!) your choices....we've had All About the Bass on repeat the last few daughter knows all the dance moves - it's such a good track to boogie to! Will check out your other recommendations...I can feel a new Spotify list coming on ;)

  2. I didn't happen across anything questionable when i googled so hopefully you wont either lol When i googled them, in order to find a link to source i found that they have a pinterest board so thats fun! I first found them via facebook.

    Talented little miss you've got there knowing all the moves to that song! I admit i played it over and over when i first was introduced to it haha Love me a good boogie tune!

    Ah spotify, if only...

  3. P.S. Another favourite of mine is 'Give me everything tonight' (Pitbull)....

  4. You can't get Spotify? How annoying if not :(

  5. Ugh love me some Pitbull, so muc sexeh swagger about that guy lol Looks like i'll be having a solo dance party tonight! haha

  6. Hah, he *is* so sexy (glad I'm not the only one who thinks that!) annoying you can't get Spotify...


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