Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Wonderlust Wishlist :: Road Trip Wear?

Sometimes i wonder if this ever happens to anyone else. Sometimes i get this urdge to move deep down in my bones. To grab a hold of good people, rent a car and just drive and drive and drive. To take a road trip vacation. For me this would look something like...driving to the grand canyon or something, i don't know. I don't care where we go, i just want to drive there.

I love the feeling of being in a car. I like watching things move past me. I like not talking. I like listening to music and watching this beautiful earth spin. I like being in good company. I like not thinking in a life were there is just too much to think about sometimes.

Sometimes I have dreams of just getting up, packing a few things and leaving. I can't now because all my money is tied up in school. What I can do however is think about what I'd wear instead and mellow myself out.

Like what if we left early in the morning for a long long drive? I'd want something comfortable (and easy to get out off for unscheduled bathroom breaks.) I'd like it to be fun and of course a little snarky. Something in keeping with whimsy and the wanderlust I feel...Something that would be ok if i jumped out of the car and started lounging on random rocks, stomping through rivers, running through a field and throw in myself to the ground to cloud watch just because I can.

What if it were in the evening when the sun was about to go down? It would need to be light and okay in that kind of heat. It would need to be pretty because that time of day is so pretty. It would need to have that feel to it, that feeling you get when day turns to night and your pulse seems to speed to a different rhythm.
What would I put in the bag I would grab? It would need to be simple and quick: make up bag essentials, (I really need to do an update on that lol my purse looks so different now i think!) a journal, pencils, a mirror, a scarf, sunnies, lipstick, money. Quick. Easy. Light. A grab bag. A grab and go bag. A bag to throw over your shoulder and volt!

Of course there is also the jewellery but that may just be a whole other post ;) I'd like to each item but honestly, school is still kicking my butt. In the meantime, know that every single item on here is from Modcloth

So, is it just me who gets that random urge to just.....go?! What do you do when it happens to you?

Peace. Love. Wanderlust.


  1. Perfect items .. definitely .. graphic t-shirts are a must. I'm going on a road trip at the end of April .. driving San Diego to Montana .. it's going to be a long 2-3 days... but the spouse (dog) and I hope to see a few fun sights along the way.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  2. Sounds like a good time! :D

  3. I have random urges to just go, too.....loving the wardrobe you've assembled! [There's that satchel again; love the mint green version!!!].....hoping all's OK with you xxxx Missing you xxx

  4. You moved?! I really like those tops and I want that bag and the journal- because I have a serious problem with journals. Just ask Steph.

    Anyhow, I know how you feel about wanting to take road trips and just wanting to get in a car and drive on and on and on. Some day I will do that. Maybe not soon, but some day. =) -Jess L

  5. I didn't move no, i just changed my blog address (and posted all about it in truw blogger fashion of course haha) I know what you mean about the journals believe me, it's a problem i have too haha


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