Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Musing :: Mind : The Memories You Will Be Allowed To Keep

Sometimes the easiest way to calm your speeding heart rate is with some puppy therapy. I usually wait until school is out to visit my friends but the stars aligned and puppies Snow Belle and Amber joined the family of my friend Shell.

As we are both bloggers every time we meet I think, i need to write a blog post about these shenanigans but then by the time the sun has gone down and we are just laying around laughing about our past, present or future I realise I have no idea what we actually did.

Should I tell you that we hugged puppies for long expanses of time? That i bombarded them with kisses because i have a puppy kissing problem? That we laughed at how shocked I, a none drinker, was that alcohol could actually smell and taste like marsh mellows? That we played rap music loud and sang along loudly and without a care? That our bodies followed this ridiculous singing with ridiculous dancing? That we tired ourselves out and took selfies and shared choirs, hung clothes out to dry and exchanged questionable youtube videos obsessions? Doesn't it all seem so trivial when you write it down? Yet...it feels like the very essence of life itself, just living and being alive.

I've been watching Scorpion lately. A character suffering from dementia said 'Make good memories because in the end, you never know which ones you will be allowed to keep.'  I remembered that quote as that day ended.

 Peace. Love. Good Memories.


  1. Oh, those puppies are *too* cute!!!! I'm leaving your blog open to show my daughter when she's back from nursery......too cute! Glad you had a nice day together: as you say, the very essence of life itself!

  2. ugh they really really are! lol ♥


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