Sunday, 19 April 2015

Reverse Bucketlist

= Rode on a horse.

= Gave my heart to Christ and became a baptised Christian.

= Went on my first Hike.

= Started my intended BA degree.

= Had my writing published locally, regionally and internationally.

= Became a locally known performance poet.

= Was a Model in a runway show.

= Stood in a slave pen.

= Washed my face in fresh cold river water, at a river, at midday.

= Went on an island tour.

= Visited one of the near by uninhabited neighbouring islands.

= Taught people to read.

= Went dolphin watching.

In a reverse bucket list one celebrates the things that they have done and not so much the things one plans to do. I think this is wonderful for it is easy to forget the places we have excelled and dwell instead in our shortcomings. I will admit however, that compiling this list made me all the more excited to finish uni and have time for more adventures. :)

This is my entry to the circle, it is up late because for some reason it didn't post.

Pace. Love. Celebrate Accomplishments


  1. Now isn't this one FAB idea? Reverse bucket empowering! Love your GO girl!!!!! I'm going to join in....what a FAB, FAB idea!!!!!

  2. How fun is your list?!? I loved seeing all of the things you've done (teaching kids to read and having your writing published? so cool!!!) and I know you're only up for more adventures in the future, too!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  3. Thank you! haha I personally feel like it's so lacklustre :/ I do see the benifit in logging it though, it helps me to appreciate the uniqueness of this human experience :)

    I'm chomping at the bits to read yours!!

  4. Ah i hope so...I'm so eager for em!!

  5. Finding God? Jetting across to an uninhabited island? Watching dolphins? I think they're quite major things!! Modelling? Horse riding? (I'm terrified of horses!)...publishing? performance poet? I think you must be feeling Pretty Proud of yourself, Lady xxx

  6. a great list! we always tend to forget what we did and always look for things we haven't done (or have) -- lovely!

  7. Island touring, hiking to waterfalls, modeling in a runway show!! A performance poet! That is awesome!! I love your list! So much fun!

  8. Exactly! That's why i loved this exercise, it forced me to sit back and appreciate :)


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