Thursday, 7 August 2014

Musing : My First Hike

Almost there!

Then we saw it!

This was actually in October I think, I didn't get a chance to post it because of school and many other things that kept getting in the way but this is my first hike experience! It was a ball of a time so I really wanted to share it.

It was an overcast day, ideal for someone like me who has the sun as my everyday enemy so I wasn't complaining. It was cool and a muddy hike but I loved the red clay like mud that is not common on the part of the island where I originate.

Red clay mud is so clay like it makes it very very hard to walk in, with and without shoes, which is why many opted to take their shoes off. On the upside it feels FANTASTIC on your feet, at least to me. Also there is nothing like the experience of water that is as clear as it is near a waterfall. So says this island girl!

Hiking is something i never had any hopes of doing given my visual impairment. However I had a sweet friend that helped me along the way. My New Year Resolution was 'Everyday do something that scares you' and while I may not have succeeded in doing it everyday it did help me to experience some new things I may not have otherwise considered.

 I loved all the little treasures the most, like that make shift plank bridge that to me is one of the most beautiful things i saw along the way but was really scary for me to cross cause I'm afraid of heights a bit still, the little rive that is hidden in the bushes that comes down from the waterfall, the way there were red arrows on the tree trunks marking the way, the red mud and the abundance of lush green local forestry goodness!

The waterfall was not in full flow, we suspected because there had been so much rain maybe it was blocked by debris from higher up stream, the fact that we went during the dry season and you know, climate change :(

Honestly I hear this can barely even be considered a hike by most experienced hikers but I had a darn good time!

The best part about my New Year resolution? I chose my experiences on my own terms, I didn't let what people thought I should tackle as some kind of proof of my commitment influence my choices. I decided and then I did what I wanted to do, which made me very happy.

An  adventure can be a very spiritual and personal experience, even when you are surrounded by people.

Peace. Love. Adventure.


What say you?

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