Thursday, 28 August 2014

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Sorry this picture is a bit blurry but what can i say? I still really like them.

I'm in that tiny window of halfway freedom, with my foot in the door of being so busy i can't hear myself think again. When i go back to being 'Miss' said by the students who count on me and 'Miss' by teachers who expect me to prove i have a brain and can learn what they spit out in order to get my degree.

During this time I'm retraining my brain to dress like an adult who children must look to and see a professional put together responsible woman of greatness. Being a teacher does not end when the school day does in so many ways.

It's not so hard, my style is pretty sassy classy anyway. I've just got to go back to putting the classy before the sassy.

These days i've been working on taking photos of the things in my country i really love and appreciate. This building i absolutely love walking past. I've only ever been in once and i'm pretty sure i was in primary school so that means under the age of twelve. I should go in again since it pleases my soul so much. Crazy since it's right next to multiple areas i frequent rather often and smack dab in the middle of the city. In fact the entire street is littered in building that have been around since the beginning of my nation and back to when the hierarchys were still fighting over it. They hold ghost stories of wars and war men, hurricanes and carnivals, revolutions and earth quakes and they still stand with their back straight and their eyes to the sky in living colour.

What do you think? Don'it got character? I think it's got character, much like a good teacher.

Peace. Love. Character.

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