Sunday, 3 August 2014

Musing :: On being a Working Writer

I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth! Honestly I've been working like crazy. While studying my creative soul cried a lot as i realised education is not so much about learning, as I love to do. The harsh realities of a dreamer...

Now that i'm on holis i have been living the dream as a writer. Haha the problem is that though it is the work i love the most and doesn't often feel like work at first, it is work. So i left the work of uni and the work of employment and CHOSE the work of a writer while I'm on holiday. Which is leaving me so very very tired!

On the bright side, isn't it lovely to have work that you choose to do? This is my heart, writing is my heart, if i'm not doing it i'm thinking about the next time i will get to do it. I suppose this is what love is.

In this same vain I've also finished number 11 on my list of things to do this summer list. Which was so very much work, I will be writing about what that was like soon. Now all that is left is to get my front and back covers designed and have someone proof read my work and I'm done, ready to print and launch! I can not tell you how exciting that is for me! This has been over a decade in the making...I won't talk too much about it yet though as I still can not believe it is happening.

Peace. Love. Passion.


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