Friday, 1 August 2014

Foral Friday :: Flower Arrangement

Well apparently i can arrange flowers? I think. They look pretty nice to me. I have to admit this was a huge challenge for me. I am an avid believe that flowers should remain attached to their original home so ripping these poor things out hurt me a lot. I did want to know if this was something i could actually do though and here we are.

White bougainvillea, violet/ burgundy rose and a mauve/light hibiscus. It didn't take much and I just popped them into a whine glass once I was through because for such a small arrangement I thought it was appropriate and pretty.

This post is a part of the Floral Friday blog link up.


  1. They are enchanting, from every view!


  2. They are beautiful. What a nice selection of flowers

  3. Such a pretty little arrangement - love all the pretty coloured flowers.
    Happy weekend

  4. They are stunning! Those pale green leaves are sooo gorgeous!


  5. Very sweet! I love all the different backgrounds, too! xo Karen

  6. Hi, i like your creative pictures here - so pretty! Am coming over from flowery friday and am your new follower - come and follow me too?
    have a bright start to your week!


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