Friday, 25 July 2014

Musing :: NOTD : Highlighter

Nobi Colour : Funky Neon Yellow (not mine)
Color Club : I can't remember
i dont remember which white i used either because that too wasn't mine.

These pictures are from my visit to a friends earlier this week. There was dancing and nail polish, a simple catch up session.  I had to put down a coat of white before the yellow because I was warned it would look like I'd just painted my fingers with highlighter if I didn't. Obviously I wasn't very good with the white as you can see the messy bits still showing. Plus I took this shot after quite a few days of wear. Never the less, I actually love it. Which is different for me. I still remember the first time I tried orange nail polish, coincidently it was at the same friends house, now look at me at neon. I wish you could really see just how bright this is, the pictures just don't capture it. Not gonna lie, it does hurt my photophobia but then I just don't stare at my finger nails, haha.

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