Friday, 4 July 2014

Floral Fridays - Bougainvillea

I'm taking part of Floral Friday (yes i know this is up late but i had a hard week of activities. Forgive me?) This is my nation's national flower. It comes in so many colours: orange, yellow, white, purple, pink, red. I will try o get some shots of the many different colours for you to see next week, if you're interested? We've been known to call them 'hard times' flowers because they seem...well they seem to just whether the weather surivive and not just survive but thrive. By the way? They are that bright, i've done nothing to the photos except blur the first slightly.

I got these shots as i had a end of school term session with my staff. It's offically summer for my students and my fellow teachers! As for me? I'm still doing summer classes....

Cry me a river.

Peace. Love. Survive and Thrive!


  1. We used to grow bougainvillea in our garden in Singapore. I love their vibrant colours and yes they seem to be pretty resillient flowers! Thanks for taking part in Floral Friday this month x

  2. I love seeing flowers in bloom) Those pictures are very lovely!

  3. Bougainvillea are such pretty flowers and when they are covering an ochre facade of stucco, well, then it's time to get the paint brush and easel out! Lovely pictures of your pink bougainvillea!


  4. These are so beautiful and I love that they are called 'the hard times flower'. Lovely photos. xo- Karen

  5. School during summer, that's it to be tough!

    1. Yeah it's a drag, a means to and ends i try to remember :) Thanks for commenting!

  6. what beautiful, wonderful flowers :) enjoy them- even in your time of busy-ness!!


  7. The bougainvillea is so beautiful and love the pretty colour. My parents used to grow this over a trellis and made a pretty show.
    Happy day

  8. I've been wanting to participate in this......I admit that you've just educated me because I'm not sure I'm familiar with this flower. -Jess L

  9. beautiful photos!

    from helen at

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  10. I just commented but I don't know where it went... hmm. Anywho, hi! Gorgeous flower and I love that it has a meaning behind it. Good luck with your classes!


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