Friday, 18 July 2014

Summer To-Do List

My summer starts as soon as i finish my last final of the semester, which was yesterday! Another semester's work is behind me and now i look towards the future. At least, for a moment before the work starts again, i look forward to some fun and getting some things done I've been putting off. Naturally, in true writer/blogger/stationary lover fashion, i have made a list!

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Watch 3 movies ideally from this list
  3. Read 3 books, hopefully cross more books off of this list.
  4. Meet up with friends
  5. Watch three S.Korean Dramas. -'High School King', 'Doctor Sranger' and 'Hotel King' i'm looking at you!
  6. Sleep late - I've actually done quite a lot of this already in the last two weeks lol My life would be better served if i could get my butt out of bed!
  7. Exercise
  8. Do another Yoga class 
  9. Make this smoothie, though i don't have a bullet, i wonder how it would go with a blender? Guess we'll find out won't we....
  10. Clean my room
  11. Start formatting my first anthology of poetry for publishing

Waw, that's already 11 things to get done! I know i must be behind as most people have been on break for quite sometime already. How many things have you checked off your list already?


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