Thursday, 14 August 2014

Musing :: My First Waterfall : Annandale Falls

This is another throw back, I've been thinking a lot about this friend lately. Wondering how she is doing and if she's had her beautiful baby boy yet.... When she was here we really did have a good lot of adventures crafting and discovering and learning so much from each other on so many many different levels...worlds truly did collide.

On that day we set out and the first thing we came across it this cheeky named little shop. I don't know how to translate that for ya, its basically a very tiny store in a village that has as many of the essentials they can fit on about four shelves that tend to span the entire room.

This waterfall is very easily accessible. What makes it most fun is that there are a few little waterfalls on the way to it, such as the one in the very first picture. I have found that there are usually mini waterfalls around on my island though, so that is always a fun surprise.

Then there is a beautiful and well kept walk way down to the Annandale waterfall, no trekking, everything has been paved for your leisure and there are even signs to remind you to keep things as beautiful as you met them.

Usually for added tourist wonder there are people who are willing to, for a small and reasonable fee considering, jump off the top of the waterfall for your amusement. I however, am not about that life but feel free. They are usually well organised and have quite the expertise in battling the VERY chilly water and avoiding the jagged rocks below.

I wish I had a shot with me in it or a better shot of the top of the waterfall from where people jump but I truly cant find it. I'm growing up and I'm finding that the things i thought were numerous are actually few. It is making me painfully sentimental.

Peace. Love. Learn.

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