Sunday, 24 August 2014

Musing Summer 2014 - The Beauty of Being

This summer went by in a blur...The only thing I honestly remember is my mini staycation with a group of friends who do not revile in the carnival season. I think that's likely because it's the only part that went slowly and without a plan...I've been so busy, writing articles to keep my creative juices sharp and active and formatting my anthology of poetry that, before I knew it summer break was just a list I had to get through.

 Luckily i had some off time with great friends, learned how to make the most perfect sandwich from scratch and just breathe in life. I'm grateful.

 I  tried very hard and often succeeded though in taking time out of my day to appreciate these beautiful bits of being alive. I've also peered them with my words as I closed up to them again too. For someone as active brained as I am, always thinking, always planning, always wanting to be moving in the right direction it is critical to stand still and appreciate the wonder of being and the beauty that exists without interference of humanity. This gives me much solace.

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