Wednesday, 1 April 2015

20 Struggles ONLY Bloggers Know

When you really want a new blog template but you just cant find the one. You know what you want, maybe minimalist but colourful, maybe colourful but minimalist, three side bar on each side, right price, yes that one but in another colour  and in another price.

When the blogespher loves a trend that you do not, this was me with peplum guys

When the blogespher loves a trend that you have no access to like oh i dunno Macaroons, which by the way, i've never even seen in my life.

When the blogespher are all suddenly reading the same book but you don't really want to per se cough cough girl boss cough cough.

When you want to do an outfit post but realise you have no clothes and you're not bout that go buy it just to take pictures of it life.

When you write a post but you're not done editing it but you forgot it was scheduled or you click the publish button by mistake and you've got to take it down super fast or leave it up because people have seen it already and now you've got to figure out what to do for next week's post spot where that one was supposed to be.

When you see something in public that you really want to take pictures of or next to but people are looking at you funny and you live in a small town so you become that girl.

When you tell people you're a blogger and they haven't heard of blogging and you are the one looking at them funny because hello it's a whole universe out there where have you been?

When you want to comment on an amazing post but you have no idea what to say because it reached you so deep and was so profound and you don't want to insult it with the generic 'omg great post!' but at the same time you don't want to not comment and look like a horrible follower.

When you have a great post but no picture that represents the true soul of it.

When people who know you that you didn't tell about your blog find your blog out of the blue and are like omg I found your blog!

When you think of the perfect blog post but forget it by the time you sit down to write.

When you have this fantastic idea for a blog post and you write it and you look through your bloglovin' stream and one of your favourite bloggers writes about it and it's awesome and now you feel guilty because you don't want to look like a copy cat.

When your new favourite blog is not on bloglovin'

When one of the bloggers that is your inspiration comments on your blog and you're just like Yes, everything IS awesome.

When you follow your favourite blogger on social media and everything is brought across in such perfect synchronization down to colour and theme and it just makes you feel very synthetic and is this even a real person, how are their messes even neat and colour co-ordinated??

When you only post once a week and you feel like a failure or when you post three or more times a week for months and you're like yes, I am ingenious.

When you comment on a bloggers blog and they comment on yours and they're so damn cool and you just click and you feel like instant blogger besties but your real life friends just don't get it and keep reminding you that you haven't even met yet chill it's not that serious but it totally is.

When the world gets hyped over a blogger you've been following forever and you feel all hypster proud about it.

When a commenter comments/emails/reaches out to you and tells you something you wrote really meant a lot to them and you just melt into a vat of touched goop.

 Is it just me?

Peace. Love.Blog On!


  1. Love all of them (and am totally guilty of many of them!)....had to laugh about the 'taking pictures of things' one; if only I were a littler braver, I'd have *really cool* photos!!! LOVED this post!!!!!!

  2. the similar topic one totally happens to me from time to time and i get torn because i don't want to look like a copy cat either :) lol

  3. Thanks ladies! Glad I'm not alone in this crazy lol


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