Thursday, 2 April 2015

That Time I Went on a Local Mini Road Trip Adventure!!! : WWIM 2015

There is this saying that once you decide on something, once you put it out into the universe, the entire universe conspires to bring it to you. The law of attraction I believe. It was seven days after my post about road trip wear when my friend Grenada Soul Adventure brought to my attention that the Sunday to follow was to be capitalised for worldwide instagram meet ups. In short it means instagram users come together in one location and take a tone of photos!

I jumped at the opportunity and couldn't be more thrilled! Lord knows i needed it after having my brain occupied by nothing but school and work for as long as I have, I was starting to feel like my soul was being eaten away little by little again, a common instance for creative first to live in tidy circumstances for extended periods of time I suspect.

Of course the day came around and my super human shyness kicked in bringing with it anxiety but I pushed through that bad boy and man am I glad of it!

I found myself in the midst of a crew of educated photographers (and there I am with my cellphone and it's bad battery! haha) Equipped with snacks we drive along my side of the island. The side where I can see the ocean the entire way. I felt like my core was being watered by the very sight of the sea.

We got to our first location and immediately gravitated to the view. How small one feels when you look out at an expanse of beautiful living things from on high. How reminded we are that we are small... that the beauty we see in ourselves and each other everyday is just a tiny reflection of a much larger cycle of life.

Our next stop was one of the many beautiful riversides in my country. At the riverside is a huge part of our culture. So many families met and got to know each other in the days before electricity as their mothers gathered to wash clothes, children gathered to be bathed or to help with spreading clothes broad upon river stones and sneak away to play. When you sit by the riverside you sit in direct connection with heritage.
We soon ran off to try and catch a sunset but that was uneventful, that sun can really kick it into gear! Instead we stopped at a rocky side shore along the road side and saw her leave us from there.

 Reminded that the sun, like the joys, sorrows and hopes for tomorrow, whisper us promises of a future worth waking up to meet.

Thank you to Andy Johnson Photography for is awesome captures! Also to Grenada Soul Adventurer for the invite and to frostduncan for that beautiful shot of me on the rocks! As for what I wore on that day well, you can't much see it here but more on that to come!

My bones already rattle for a next adventure, i suppose such is always going to be the case and I'll never get truly  rid of the feeling.

Peace. Love Adventure.

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  1. So glad you had a nice day! The island looks beautiful! Very green! Love your funky sunglasses!


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