Friday, 1 May 2015

May 2015 #ListersGottaList Challenge

New month new artistic release! haha I've started doing #ListersGottaList Lets see if I can keep up two artistic ventures this year (this and my project 52). I discovered it late last month and really enjoy it but there was so much going on then like preparing for finals then DOING I didn't finish it for April. Maybe I'll share the pages I did do for April later sometime if you'd like.

Luckily there is also the May challenges. It is relaxing, enjoyable, pretty and making lists I do so love.

 I feel so accomplished looking back at em! Most importantly, it gives me a way to stimulate my creativity and place it somewhere instead of going crazy within the bounds of academia and everyday life.

I'm also loving experimenting with a little scrapbooking and pattern making on paper. I must admit, I'm loving venturing into this discipline and I kind of want all the embellishments! More on that later in the week maybe :) Alongside some more of these pages!

Meanwhile, this is my day one attempt, feel free to join in if this kind of challenge is your fancy.

By the way don't you love how there is a little list within my list?! haha I do!

Peace. Love. Listers Gotta List!


  1. Great exercise in exercising your creativity!!!! Love it! Love that you have some spare time to play "crafty"!!!

  2. Yes it really is! :D Well as for the time haha I don't know yet but we'll have to see :)

  3. I don't think you are set up to receive replies to your comments on other peoples' blogs. I asked you about project 52. I'm going to check it out! -Jessica L

  4. Yipe, I'm going to have to look into that 0.0
    Go for it :D I think since you're already doing project100haooydays it will pair nicely :)


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