Thursday, 28 May 2015

TiLT - Polaroids

1. Fuji Instax Mini 8
2. Shiny Star Fuji Film
3. Florescent Fuji Film
4. 50 Pack Fuji Film
5. Instax Mini 8 attachable selfie mirror
6. Instax portable wireless cellphone printer
7.  Instax 8 Mini carrying case
I've always wanted an instant camera. They've always seemed so amazing to me. I am amused at how much we cling to vintage now that we've invented more ways than we can count to make picture taking and picture sharing as simple and clean as butter on bread for supper.

I've always loved leafing through albums, seeing those tiny moment held in my hand via a two dimensional square. Wondering who looked at them, who held them before me and who would hold them long after I no longer could. I hold those feelings warmly and dip into them scarcely for fear that i will use them up like i do the feel of my finger in a rotary phone, dragging the farthest number all the way to the other side so I could hear the bell go dig or the anxiety of sitting still as drowning of the vinyl record lowly sped up and filled the wooden house with vibration so tender and rich any creak of the floorboards could scratch them...

Someday I will buy myself these things, along with one of these pretty little bad boys. Until then, a girl can dream.

What is now considered vintage that you wish we could go back to?

Peace. Love. Remember.
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  1. Hah, love this post! My son was looking at these - all goggly eyes and 'it's my birthday soon, Mama' - they're really cool, I admit, but so expensive! I'm definitely on the side of taking photos with my normal camera and printing them out (yes, you have to wait but it's so much cheaper!)....I hanker after the days when communication was not instant, when there was an anticipation for waiting for the post lady to arrive, a frisson of excitement every time you heard the letters hit the doormat....


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