Sunday, 17 May 2015

Happy 2015 Birthday to Me! in review

My birthday came and went and I haven't shared a post about it. Honestly it was preeetty low key this year because nobody has time for me and we're all growing up most of my friends were busy. No shade though, I'm not mad. How could I be it was my birthday!

The people who could make it were very kind to me and made me feel as special as we could all afford. I returned home and got ready to continue working hard towards final exams to begin later that week.

I can't really review, all I can think about it how old I feel, I've had to deal with so many 'big people problems' from such a young age so I suppose it's weighing down on me now in my 'latter years' haha... I'm watching my twenties wave good bye and feeling very unaccomplished...still...we must press on!

Do forgive me, storm crowds afoot, it's hard to remain both positive and purposefulness at the same time these days. Usually it's one or the other sustained successfully...

I will tell you this, the ocean was beautiful that day. I ate well and smiled in the playground. I was alive and surrounded by people who were glad that I was alive. For what more could one ask ?

Oh and YEAH this is where I live, no filter, you're welcome. Thanks to my friend Haron for keeping me company and happy that day and of course for his mad photo taking skills. You'za boss sir.

Peace. Love. Beautiful Oceans


  1. BEAUTIFUL COLOURS! I'm so going to visit you one day....! Loved your post....*loved* your line, "and surrounded by people who were glad that I was alive".....isn't that the most precious thing we can ever experience? [Missing you xxx]

  2. Yus! Come right on over :D!

    Missin ya too ♥

  3. ......wouldn't that be GREAT?!


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