Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day! | 2015

Original watercolour card by my friend

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers and all those who love like mothers dol!! I know that it's a different date in the UK, where some are you are based so I hope you'll accept this belated celebration of your awesome on this side of the world.

 I'm getting geared up to take mother dearest out to lunch today, somewhere fancy, so she can feel fancier than usual haha We're silly and into that kind of thing, getting dolled up pretending like paying for food that expensive is the norm, you know. It's hoot!

 To all the mothers, old, new, in the middle, adoptive, today and lets face it, for pretty much 97.3 percent of our entire lives, you the real MVP babe.

Peace. Love. Motherhood.


  1. Thank you xxxx Hope you had a nice meal xxx Love the card your friend made! Beautiful!

  2. We sure did! :D I'll share on that later in the week :) Also yes, I snatched up that lovely card soon as I saw it's beauty :)


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