Wednesday, 12 September 2012

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Went out with Eli on Saturday in search of a sandwich and ran into everything else

I've been experimenting drawing on the ipad. i am 000000000.1% as good as i am on paper in my opinion... However! I shall get better...eventually!

Till then, enjoy this attempt:

 So sloppy still i know but I'm learning

For kicks, here's a shot of some of my older sketches (all done in the last six months originally on my old blog) I've never been good at digital art and i admit these pieces I'm about to share are still well...sketchy! However having scored a tablet for school (best decision evar since my phone yay accessibility!) In down time i can use it to feed my artistic needs as well as my academic and i have been playing with PaperApp. Now i share with you some of my fun attempts:

A wedding gift for my gal Lyssa

This particular sketch was done in celebration of earth day :)

Before colour

After sloppy digital water colour attempt

A VERY early attempt

Another really early attempt

A birthday gift for another gal pal that i never gave cause i thought it was silly...
A series of sketchy sketches i was doing just to experiment with a different style of drawing faces.

Hope you enjoyed me sharing this with you!

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