Friday, 4 October 2013

52 Lists :: Week 1 | List

I was reading The Jessica L Blog which at some point became one of my favorite reads, i just love her voice so to speak and found out about the 52 Lists project and thought I'd try it out, i figured it would serve as a great way to calm my mind down when school work becomes overbearing and yes i am one of those people who actually likes making lists so i suppose it makes sense i would enjoy this.

Plus it's amazing what one can learn by becoming introspective and asking self a couple of seemingly easy questions...also yeah i know i spelt feisty wrong very sorry it was too late to correct after i took the picture :p There are still a couple after thought words i'd have liked to add. like wanderlust for instance, that word touches me so...What i found so very interesting is matching my list up against those of my friends, particularly the one friend i bothered into making a list. Her list was so different from mine...It was so interesting how different the words that inscribe themselves on our hearts can be as people yet...dispite the difference in vocabulary, how we express ourselves may be so different yet we are still trying to express such similar feelings.

She is a different kind of artist than I (more of a visual and with a lovely talent for the abstract) so i do hope she actually ends up finishing her list and posting it so i can link to it and you guys can get a kick out of how different but similar friends can be and truly come to understand what i am trying to say.

 Okay my list isn't particularly pretty and a little blurry i know but i took the picture at work, by just grabbing stuff outta my desk drawer. When i opened my sketchbook and saw it i realized i needed to just follow through already and stop waiting for the 'perfect set up' Bloggers I'm sure you understand right? My first go at it is a bit messy with two mistakes but hey, that's true to life isn't it?

As you can tell by my unscheduled absence, school has me mad busy..all for the greater good right?

What are some words that touch your soul?

Peace. Love. Words.


  1. Beautiful list! I want to make one now. :) Totally understand what you mean by having the 'perfect' setup -- it can be frustrating, so sometimes it's best to just make do with what you have!

  2. LOL. Yeah, I just had to go ahead and make my list and not use my own handwriting, which can be hard for some people to read at times! Is this a happy list? Sorry I didn't know which list it was- looks like a happy list. Moorea Seal has quite a few I want to do, but just haven't gotten around to it, especially because of school and work, just like you. Oh, and thanks for the link up by the way! -Jess

  3. i'm a fan of jessica's blog as well! cool to see the 52 lists on your blog as well!


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