Wednesday, 23 October 2013

MAC Lipstick Wishlist | List

  I wasn't always a lipstick person. I used to swear by gloss and gloss alone, perhaps till sometime earlier this year. Then, somehow i discovered MAC lipsticks though a female friend who is a make up artist. It was so interesting and wonderful to learn about this unfamiliar ground from someone first hand. I immediately started figuring out how i could own some of these bad boys. Bellow is a list of said shades i hope to own:

  • St Germain
  • Ruby Woo
  • Pink Plaid
  • Snob
  • Girl About Town
  • Morange
  • Shy Girl
  • Candy Yum Yum (MAYBE for its rather daring to me)
  • Russian Red (MAYBE for its rather daring to me)
  • Creme Cup (i forgot to add it to the image :/ ) 
  • Girl Next Door (Archie collection)
  • Betty Bright (Archie collection)

I shall be sure to share with you once i own any of these shades. Just gotta get them into the country first...

Which lipstick brand or shade would you like to own post?

Peace. Love. Sexy Lipstick


  1. love russian red! i had pink plaid before, but wasn't crazy about it. too cool for my complexion. i need to find a nice raspberry color!

  2. I don't spend a lot of money on actual makeup, but I do invest in skin-care. I use to use MAC foundation, and they did have such gorgeous colors for eye makeup and lipsticks. In fact, a girl I know was wearing a color that I wanted and I asked her where it was from, and she said MAC of course. So I might actually have to go check a store out again for the holidays. =) -Jess L


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