Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Plush Palette :: Mid Day Munchies

  •  One Scoop Chocolate
  • One Scoop Creme Brulee
  • One Scoop Oh Yeeeeh!

Ah, sometimes it is so good to be alone!

(The table tops at this Cafe are made out of floor tile)


Hey everyone.

So my computer is down for the count. I'm talking by a new one out with the old down for the count.

I can't pretend i can worry about it now. It's finals week and i wont get a new PC till next year.

This Plush Palette is from a day in the week when i forced myself to leave the comfort of home in pursuit of a better place to study.

Who says you can't have ice cream while being a seriously serious studious studying student type? (Say that ten times fast) I'll have to see how i by pass though. I can't tell you how much i miss blogging. 

I've been so inspired lately...

I'll share more on that with you another yime though.

What's been inspiring you in the face of adversity lately? 

Peace. Love. Wish me luck on exams?

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